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Modular terminal blocks are used worldwide. Whether they be in distribution boards, control centers or machine control systems, in ships, power stations or railway rolling stock, Klemsan terminals guarantee safe connections in all low voltage installations. In view of this versatile and worldwide application, the materials used and the technical data achieved meet the highest quality standard. Approvals have been obtained from all major industrial countries.

Klemsan Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are components and systems the main function of which is to ensure safe and secure electrical and mechanical conductor connections. The term covers all conceivable types, designs and forms of connection. From the application point of view, the most important group of terminals is that of rail mounted modular terminal blocks.

  • The current carrying bar must be made of metals which reduce electrical losses to minimum.
  • Insulation material must be nonflammable and self-extinguishing.
  • The screw must not be loosed due to vibration.
  • The current carrying bar must have such a form that the conductor has a strong contact area in the connection point.

The terminal block series should have a complete range together with all the accessories to provide the best solutions in an ideal area.

Klemsan 優異材質

KLEMSAN terminals are made of selected standard materials. Insulating materials, clamping and conducting metals are subjected to strict quality control as required by stringent international standards.

Clamping yokes and screws are zinc plated which considerably increases the resistance to corrosion. Current bars are made out of brass / electrolytic copper. Coating of tin / lead oxide, nickel while ensuring surface protection guarantees very low contact resistance.

Engineering thermoplastic Polyamide 6.6 has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics even at temperatures as high as 100 ˚C and contain no cadmium based color pigments. Polyamide 6.6 moulded housing absorbs humidity from its surroundings. This makes the plastic material elastic and fracture proof even at temperatures as low as -40 ˚C. Being a self-extinguishing material it is difficult to ignite and burns only as long as there is a longlasting supporting flame. It is rated V0 or V2 according to UL94. Good aging resistance and insensitivity to ultraviolet light makes it suitable for tropical and open air applications.


AVK Series Terminals

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This is the most popular of all known methods of connection. Screw connection refers to any connection in which the conductor is stripped of its insulation and clamped without any special preparation. Klemsan screw clamp system is built in protection against loosening.

When the screw is tightened, the resultant pressure pulls apart both halves of the clamping yoke. This generates a particularly high locking action on the screw. These clamping systems provide excellent vibration resistance.


PYK Series Terminals

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In addition to spring clamp system, with practical technology, there is no need to use a screwdriver, cable is connected to the terminal by just pushing in.

Solid/stranded cables (with ferrules) are connected to the terminal just by pushing in, without the need to use a screwdriver. The patented design of its spring provides fast and safe connection in heavily vibrating environments.


Management Solutions

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