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BBC Bircher Smart Access develops, manufactures and sells detector systems that aim to protect increasingly large flows of people and traffic all over the world, and to create access systems that are convenient to use and that save energy. The innovative detector manufacturer is constantly working on new solutions to overcome future challenges in industry and healthcare.

Certificates and standards: safety first!

Safety for people, vehicles and plant: this is the requirement that BBC Bircher Smart Access has to meet for its customers. As a result, the detector manufacturer sets the highest quality standards both for itself and its products.

Certified safety, durability and user-friendliness are paramount for the company. To ensure that these features are maintained and continually optimised, BBC Bircher Smart Access develops its quality products according to national and international standards, as well as type approvals.


Electrical safety edges for automatic gates, doors, public transport and industry Electrical safety edges from BBC Bircher Smart Access are used for protecting crushing and shearing points on automatic doors, gates and grids. Profiles of different sizes in combination with various switching devices protect people and objects safely and reliably according to the applicable standards.

They are based on the tried-and-tested principle of the drawing the contact strip into the rubber profile. Even with only minimal pressure, the conductive rubber profiles are pressed against one another and the opening pulse is forwarded to a switching device or a transmission system. The technical design ensures high reliability even in unusual applications.

  • Click Line – rubber profiles with click-fit foot
  • Cover Line – rubber profiles for high visual requirements
  • Standard Line – rubber profiles with standard foot
  • S-Line – miniature safety edge system
  • Safety edges on the folding door

Click Line, Cover Line or Standard Line safety edges, used in conjunction with the RF Gate 2 radio transmission system, provide optimum protection for the primary closing edge.

Easy installation is a defining feature of Click Line: click and go. No need for time-consuming pulling in from the side. This means even damaged safety edges can be replaced quickly and effortlessly. The optimally designed profile shape also guarantees the greatest possible switching reliability.

Standard Line safety edges offer a number of different profile types for a variety of applications. We would be delighted to show you all achievable designs on request.

S-Line miniature safety edges consist of various components that are combined to create a safety edge system. With the right components, systems like this are easy and quick to build, even by the user him/herself. This gives really great flexibility in terms of producing different types and lengths.

Click Line, Cover Line or Standard Line safety edges, used in conjunction with the RF Gate 2 radio transmission system, provide optimum protection for the primary closing edge.


  • Contact mats for safe activation and deactivation of machines, devices and automatic doors.
  • Use as forklift safety equipment
  • Stepping mat – electric surface switch for protecting passengers
  • ES-Button

BBC Bircher Smart Access contact mats are used for detecting people or objects within a defined area.

In conjunction with the EsMatix 3 safety switching device, they form a certified system for safeguarding danger zones, and thus for protecting people. In combination with the EsMatix 3 safety switching device, the BBC Bircher Smart Access safety contact mat according to EN 13856-1 is type-tested and corresponds to PLe, cat. 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1.

The pressure-sensitive mat deactivates the vehicle immediately if there is an unplanned exit from the operating platform. Furthermore, it provides a non-slip, vibration-damping and, as such, ergonomic standing surface.

BBC Bircher Smart Access step mats are used to protect people from getting trapped in the doors of public transport vehicles. They safeguard the entrance area and therefore protect passengers from injury. When anyone steps on the surface of the mat, or a load is placed on it, two parallel contact surfaces are pressed together and the electrical circuit is made.

The ES-Button is a flat button used to control different machine functions. Regardless of whether a door is to be opened by its pulse, or an application is to be started, the ES-Button is the interface between man and machine. Mounted horizontally or vertically, it can be easily actuated by hand, foot or arm.

The robust design even enables it to be used in contaminated and moist environments.


Industrial door

From vertical doors to folding doors: BBC Bircher Smart Access will provide the right detector solution for every industrial door.

Site entrance gate

BBC Bircher Smart Access provides you with all the components you will need for your site entrance gate to work properly.Tried-and-tested loop detectors are used to activate the gate in good time. They reliably evaluate the induction loops laid in the ground and detect every approaching vehicle at an early stage. Having safety edges mounted on the closing edges ensures that a high level of safety is achieved for both people and vehicles.

Folding door

Microwave motion detectors and loop detectors from BBC Bircher Smart Access activate your automatic folding door reliably. While microwave motion detectors sense practically every movement, thus triggering an opening pulse at the gate, the loop detector switches when it recognises metallic vehicles. We recommend mounting electrical safety edges on the closing edges to protect against being trapped or crushed. The RFGate 2 wireless radio transmission system has proven itself in the field of wear-free data transmission. This combination of components ensures that optimum safety is achieved in the area around your folding door.

Sliding door

You can choose from a variety of application solutions and a wide range of products that are perfect for your sliding door. Microwave motion detectors, just like active and passive infrared detectors, can be used to detect people and objects as they approach; in addition, they can serve as opening sensors. In the shape of its Prime product family, BBC Bircher Smart Access also offers combined technologies based on both active infrared and microwave systems. We recommend mounting electrical safety edges on the secondary closing edges, depending on the dimensions of the door. These safety edges reliably protect people within the sliding door's danger zone from being crushed and trapped.

Swing door

Motion and presence detectors are used to monitor and protect the swivelling area of swing doors. They are mounted on both sides, ideally on the door leaf directly. Motion and presence detectors work with active or passive infrared technology. The detector’s receiver senses the reflected infrared beams or the movement of heat within the detection area. It then converts this information into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the door controller, thus triggering the switching operation. Microwave motion detectors can also be used here for activation and to ensure an optimum flow of people.

Revolving door

Infrared or microwave motion detectors sense any moving object and forward the pulse to activate the revolving door directly. Contact mats laid in the door area reliably monitor every movement of the door and ensure that it always revolves properly. In addition, we recommend mounting safety edges on the closing edges to make sure that both people and animals benefit from the highest possible level of safety.

Public transport

Whether on a train, tram, bus or cable car: passenger safety is always paramount, both for vehicle manufacturers and operators. BBC Bircher Smart Access offers a tailor-made detector system to reliably protect crushing and shearing points in every application.

Parking systems

Whether guards, barriers or bollards: BBC Bircher Smart Access has a tailor-made detector solution for every parking system. With BBC Bircher Smart Access loop detectors, you can rest assured that your parking system will be activated quickly and reliably. Guards and barriers are easy to protect with tried-and-tested safety edges. Loop detectors recognise every metallic vehicle within their detection area straight-away and forward the signal to the switching device directly. Thanks to ASB, off-road vehicles and lorries with trailers are detected reliably and without problems too.

Machine safety

Safety pressure mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access provide reliable protection to prevent people being trapped and injured by moving machine parts. The danger zone around the machine is clearly marked out and protected by the mats that are laid in it. Used in conjunction with the appropriate safety switching device, they control activation/deactivation and thus prevent the machine from starting up unintentionally. This reduces the risk of machine accidents enormously.


Contact mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access guarantee your employees' safety when working in an environment with towing tractors, order pickers, forklift trucks or other industrial trucks. The contact mat detects when a person is present and only allows the vehicle to start if contact is maintained. The vehicle is stopped if the person leaves the standing platform. This means that serious injuries and material damage can be avoided. Since the pressure-sensitive contact mats can be adapted to your needs in terms of size, shape and structure, they are suitable for practically all industrial trucks. What's more, the soft surface of the mat damps vibrations, thereby improving ergonomics.


The CareMat contact mat from BBC Bircher Smart Access is used as a tool in healthcare to help those who have dementia and those who are prone to accidents. It is connected to the nurse call system directly and is activated immediately when pressure is applied to the mat. This better protects the people being looked after from falling or wandering off. As soon as the person being cared for puts weight on the mat, a signal is forwarded to the nurse call system, which is then activated. It represents a valuable aid to caregivers and nursing staff thanks to its reliable and pressure-sensitive properties.